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Letter of protest from the Jasenovac Research Institute to the President of the European Parliament
March 17, 2023

On the occasion of the EU Parliament's decision to be a sponsor of the event that glorifies the Nazi collaborator Alojzije Stepinac, the Executive Director of the Jasenovac Research Institute (JRI) Mr. Barry Lituchi addressed this letter of protest to the President of the European Parliament, Ms. Roberta Metsola.
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Letter from A. Nećak to the EJC regarding the ban on entering the Belgrade Synagogue

I am asking you to help me understand the reasons for your non-reaction, passive attitude and thus tacit approval of anti-Semitic incidents that took place in October 2019 in and in front of the synagogue complex in Belgrade and which have not been adequately addressed to this day.
Your relevant answers that are of vital importance to us, a significant part of the Jewish community which, contrary to the Constitution and laws of the Republic of Serbia, is not the subject of interest and is not in the sight of the Government of the Republic of Serbia.
Your answers are also vital for the Jewish community as a whole, for its survival, for its role and the reasons why it has existed in Serbia, we proudly point out, for more than 100 years. I am convinced that the answers to my questions do not concern and are not only important for our Jewish community, but also for society as a whole...
Full text in this PDF document. (April 1, 2022)

Court decision in case A. Nećak vs Rabbi A. Asiel

After over a year of trial with Isak Asiel who has banned entry to the Synagogue to a group of members, labeling them as evil in "The 360 Degrees" program on TV N1, the Belgare Court has delivered the order which enables Mr. Aleksandar Necak to enter the Synagogue without any interruption, to attend services and any other religious needs. As it was stated in the Court Order, the Court found it necessary to describe each and every step Isak Asiel made with the help of hooligan group Alcatraz which led to overtaking the Synagogue from those it was built for, 100 years ago.
Beside the period in WW2 in when Nazis turned the Synagogue in to a brothel, it has never happened that one Rabbi forbids the entrance and religious services to it´s members. That "right" was taken by a man who is not worthy to hold the Rabbi title or the Teacher.
He did this contrary to Judaism as a religion and contrary to the constitutional rights of the citizens of the Republic of Serbia. That was also clearly stated in the Court Order.
We do hope that after this Court Order, all Jewish organizations from all around the world and especially Rabbinical Conferences will condemn this act of Rabbi Isak Asiel and possibly withdrew his title. Besides this one seventeen more Court Orders against Rabbi Asiel should be issued in favor of other members of the community for the same reason. We ask all of you to share this text with your friends and to post it in your Facebook profiles, Twitter accounts, Instagram and other social media.
The Court Order attachment in English.

Sep 29, 2019 - Meeting with the President of the World Jewish Congress

President of the Republic of Serbia Aleksandar Vučić met today in New York with the President of the World Jewish Congress Ronald Lauder.
„We have tremendous respect and acknowledgement for the importance of the World Jewish Congress work. Serbia admires the Jewish community greatly and it recognises its rights considering that Serbs and Jews oftentimes shared the tragic destiny throughout the history and in particular during the Second World War", said President Vučić...
More at the President´s site

April 2019 - Exclusive Interview with Anna Chromy by Milan Fogel, Chief Editor, The Most Magazine (The Bridge), Israel

I was extremely honored and pleased that in Monaco, where her permanent residence is, I was given the chance to interview Anna Chromy, a world famous sculptor and painter, in the presence of her husband and manager Wolfgang Stein. Not only in his presence, but he is also a man who has a lot to say in his own right.
The motive of the interview was the inauguration of Anna Chromy's sculpture, “Cloak of Conscience”, a polished gold-bronze sculpture, donated to Hospital Hadassah, EinKerem, University Medical Center Jerusalem...
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Jasha Alfandari has died aged 72

Jasha Alfandari, president of the Jewish Community of Montenegro, has died aged 72 this morning. The funeral will take place in Subotica.
The Jewish Community of Montenegro will inform the public on date/time of commemoration to honor Jasha Alfandari.
Jasha Alfandari was born on 28 August 1946 in Subotica. He spent the greatest part of his life in Israel where he performed affairs of great significance for the state. Over the last 25 years he has been living in Montenegro and there he established the Jewish Community, which thanks to his devoted work and activities became acknowledged not only in the region, but throughout the whole world as well.
He is survived by his widow, his five children and six grandchildren.
From site (July 12, 2018)

Holocaust Survivors Excluded From Poland Property Law
Global Jewish groups criticize Polish compensation bill for excluding many Holocaust survivors.

International Jewish organizations are voicing disappointment over a proposed Polish law aimed at compensating people whose property was seized under communism, saying it excludes most Polish Holocaust survivors and their heirs. Poland's Justice Ministry last week published the bill, which requires that claimants be Polish citizens and limits compensation to spouses, children or grandchildren. The World Jewish Restitution Organization says those provisions would exclude the vast majority of Holocaust survivors and their families because most left Poland during or after World War II and settled elsewhere. The group also says because of the Holocaust's toll, the heirs of seized properties are often nieces or nephews rather than direct descendants. The World Jewish Congress has also expressed "profound disappointment" that Holocaust survivors are being excluded from the law...
More at the US News site. (October 25, 2017)

YouTube videos on the Jews
The Mystery of the Jews Donald Trump and the Jews

HercloviIn the Jerusalem Post’s column “opinion“ Michael Freund recently published his outspoken article in which he endeavors to fulfill the last will and testament of Theodor Herzl, the founder of modern State of Israel. Although the State of Israel has long ago fulfilled Theodor Herzl’s last wish, Freund, led by his, above all obsessive desire to rebury the human remains of Theodor’s paternal grandfather and grandmother errs in his reading of Theodor’s will, part of which we state in our heading. From Herzl’s last wish it is absolutely clear that he made no mention of either his paternal or maternal grandparents. So why is Freund so intent on transferring the last remains of grandfather Simon and grandmother Rivka to Israel in order to bury them next to their grandchild? Why does he make reference to the “last will and testament” when he is perfectly aware that there is no mention nor request that Herzl’s grandparents from either side of the family be buried beside him or he beside them, whichever way one looks at it...
Whole text by the President of JCZ and Hevra Kadisha, Zemun


The project “A TRAVELLING EXHIBITION ABOUT GOOD PEOPLE” is prepared to arouse the awareness of the young generation, especially of future public leaders to the truth of the Holocaust, particularly the Holocaust in Serbia and Ex Yugoslavia. During the Balkan wars and the nineties of the last century the question of the Holocaust and the desolation of Jews was vulgarly simplified and then directly used by regime for pro nationalistic propaganda. The project will open a public debate on the Holocaust. This exhibition, initiated by the Jewish Community in Zemun, and upheld by many communities in the new founded states is an attempt to promote mutual open-mindedness among all the nationalities from the territory of former Yugoslavia. Work on such projects promotes mutual respect between people, in our case, between Jews and all citizens of former Yugoslavia. The exhibition has so far presented in the following cities: Zemun – Serbia, Budva – Montenegro, Zagreb & Osijek – Croatia, Novi Sad – Serbia and Jerusalem, Knesset – Israel.
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Center of Jewish Cultural Heritage Synagogue Maribor, Slovenia Ing. Josef Zamboki

Dear friends all around the World,

Milan Fogel, resident of Israel, wrote a book, collection of literary humoresques, entitled „Return to the Response“. In his own way Milan tried to depict the reality of life, at times pleasing for the participants in the events, while at others fairly unfavorable. Looking for personal literary recognition, with this collection of short stories, touching on the humoresque side of Jew’s life in Israel, Milan took part in the last competition of the Union of Jewish Municipalities of Yugoslavia. Milan does not take any responsibility for the breakup of Yugoslavia that followed! The jury unanimously decided to award the first prize to his collection.
This is Milan’s first book published in English.
You can see more details on Amazon book store link Amazon book store link.

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