According to decision of JC Zemun Board dated December 6th 2006 president of our community Nenad Fogel was granted with Megillah of Gratitude on December 16th. He was awarded for all efforts in gathering funds for numerous projects for the benefit of our community, especially for recovery of our chapel at Jewish cemetery in Zemun and for reconstruction of our house in Cara Dusana St.

Congratultions for this deserved profession!

After the accident when the roof collapsed on our cemetery chapel and after unexpected aid that we got from the state authorities, Jewish Community of Zemun decided to establish an official award of gratitude called Megillah of Gratitude or Roll of Gratitude.

Prof dr Milan GlišićBy decision of the JOZ Board the first megillas were awarded to those who responded to our appeal for help respectively.
The first on the list to receive our Megillahs were the City Community of Zemun, followed by “Telekom Serbia”, Belgrade Airport, Cemetery Enterprise of Belgrade, “DUNAV” Insurance Co., Ministry of Religion of Serbia and the City of Belgrade.
Dr. Milan Glisic, professor of Architecture Faculty, is the only individual who was awarded with our Megillah of Gratitude. He kindly offered his professional services to help us in our efforts to reconstruct our chapel. According to decission of our Board issued on October 5th meeting Jewish Community of Zemun decided to award our first great donator "Novi Dom" Company with our Meghillah of Gratitude. During 2000 this company made a series of donations to us regarding equiping of our premises.

Autori Megile zahvalnosti su Kobi Ohayon i Desanka Fogel, Tel Aviv, Israel.