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Dawn Arnall Elected First Chairwoman of the Simon Wiesenthal Center

Businesswoman, Investor, Philanthropist Dawn Arnall Elected First Chairwoman in the 45-year History of the Simon Wiesenthal Center and its Museum of Tolerance. Gordon Diamond and Aaron Marzwell elected to serve as Co-Chairmen of the SWC’s Board of Trustees.
The Simon Wiesenthal Center Board of Trustees has unanimously elected Dawn Arnall as our new Chair of the SWC and its Museum of Tolerance.
“We are thrilled to welcome Dawn as our new Chairwoman. She, along with her late husband, Roland, have been key supporters of the Simon Wiesenthal Center since its inception. She is exactly the right leader at the right time. A proud American, an activist on behalf of social causes, a fierce Zionist and defender of the Jewish people, Dawn is the right choice at the right time.
She assumes this leadership role at a time when the Center is growing in new and dynamic directions,” said Rabbi Marvin Hier, Simon Wiesenthal Center Founder and CEO. “Dawn is the perfect choice to shepherd us into a new era."...
Whole text at the SWC site (Feb 10, 2022)

Cooper & Brackman: Bernie Sanders’ criticism of Israel makes him ideal candidate for opponents of Jewish state

Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., who takes to the debate stage Wednesday night with other Democratic presidential hopefuls, recently said: “I am very proud to be Jewish and look forward to being the first Jewish president.” But many of Sanders’ fellow Jewish Americans don’t look forward to what they see as that frightening possibility.
According to a Morning Consult poll released in May, only 11 percent of Jewish Democrats supported Sanders. One reason for this low level of Jewish support is Sanders’ record of strongly opposing many Israeli actions and polices, along with his threats to reduce vital U.S. aid to Israel.
This is combined with Sanders’ failure to take a strong stand opposing the global rise of anti-Semitism, along with his warm embrace of anti-Semites and forces hostile to Israel here at home...
Whole text at the Fox News site (Nov 20, 2019)

Kirk Douglas Turns 100: A Tribute to the Screen Legend and 6 Essential Movies

Kirk Douglas resembles an Easter Island monolith, only with blue eyes and a cleft chin. His face, disproportionately large, is primeval, while his acting is intense and modern.
While not (yet) as enduring as the South Seas statuary, the prolific actor celebrates his 100th birthday on Dec. 9. He is one of the last great 1950s stars still standing.
Douglas once boasted that he made his career playing sons of bitches. This is not quite accurate. What is true is that he was a star who didn’t much care about cultivating a sympathetic persona. Mostly he played tenacious guys, like the real-life gladiator-hero that led a slave uprising against Rome in Spartacus. Or like Jonathan Shields, the opportunistic producer estranged from friends and lovers in The Bad and the Beautiful. Or Vincent van Gogh, the moody post-Impressionist who pushes away those who care for him in Lust for Life.
The son of Russian Jewish immigrants, Douglas was born Issur Danielovitch in 1916 in the upstate New York hamlet of Amsterdam. He was the fourth child - and only boy - of seven siblings...
Whole text at the Yahoo site (Dec 9, 2016)

Amos Oz: Saying Israel should not exist is anti-Semitic

One of Israel's great living writers, Amos Oz, says people who say Israel should not exist are anti-Semitic.
Speaking in an interview with BBC Newsnight, he said strong criticism of Israel is legitimate, but to argue there should be no Israel "that's where anti-Zionism becomes anti-Semitism".
Oz's books have been published in more than 40 languages.
He is regarded as a liberal and is firmly in favour of a two-state solution for Israel.
In recent months, the Labour Party in the UK has been embroiled in a row over anti-Semitism, and whether the party has a problem on the issue.
Oz told Newsnight's Kirsty Wark: "I can tell you exactly where I draw the line. If people call Israel nasty, I to some degree agree. If people call Israel the devil incarnated, I think they are obsessed - they are mad. But this is still legitimate."
Whole text at the BBC site (Sep 14, 2016)

The Tunnels of Gaza’s Next War
By Ruth Margalit

By all accounts, Hamas, which controls the Gaza Strip, is on a tunnel-building streak. Hamas has boasted of building fifty tunnels since the Israel–Gaza conflict of July, 2014, though Israel insists those numbers are exaggerated. But residents of kibbutzim that border Gaza are increasingly warning of clattering and drilling noises under their homes. “I’ve heard the sound of a hammer and chisel, and my neighbor says she can hear them digging under the cement,” one resident told Reuters. They are worried about a scenario in which Hamas militants emerge outside an Israeli kibbutz or village, and attack.
Two Hamas operatives died from a tunnel collapse earlier this month, according to reports coming out of Gaza. A week earlier, seven Hamas members were killed when another tunnel caved in, apparently because of heavy rains and flooding. “East of Gaza City, heroes are digging through rock and building tunnels, and to the west they are experimenting with rockets every day,” Ismail Haniyeh, the Hamas leader in Gaza, said while attending the funeral of the seven operatives...
Whole text at the New Yorker site (Feb 27, 2016)

Top Ten Worst Anti-Semitic/Anti-Israel Incidents 2015

A representative of the growing menace that threatens the Jewish people and democratic values such frightening occurrences.

The Simon Wiesenthal Center document

Kerry's 'one state' comments cause consternation in Israel

JERUSALEM (AP) — U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry has set off a furor in Israel by suggesting that Israel was destroying itself as a Jewish state.
Kerry told a conference on Israeli affairs in Washington on Saturday that through its continued occupation of the West Bank, Israel could make it impossible to partition the land between Jewish and Palestinian states. He said the alternative would have to be a "binational state" in which Jews and Palestinians live together in one state, ending Israel's Jewish majority.
"The one-state solution is no solution at all for a secure, Jewish, democratic Israel living in peace, it is simply not a viable option," Kerry said.
The U.S., along with most of the international community, has long argued that a "two-state solution" — establishing a Palestinian state and ending Israel's control over millions of Palestinians in territories occupied in the 1967 war — is the best way of creating a long-term peace...
Whole text at the Yahoo Newssite (Dec 7, 2015)

Netanyahu’s’ 44-second silence at the U.N. is being mocked with musical interludes

During his speech at the U.N. General Assembly on Thursday, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu did something unusual: He stood in complete silence for 44 seconds.
That silence was designed, Netanyahu implied, to show how much of the world had been responded with "utter" and "deafening" silence when while "Iran pledged to murder" Israeli citizens. During those 44 seconds, the Israeli prime minister glared at the audience.
To supporters of Israel and many others, it was a remarkably powerful moment, showing how the world was ignoring the risks posed by a nuclear deal with Iran. To critics of the sometimes divisive Netanyahu, it was laughable...
Whole text at the Washington Post site (Oct 1, 2015)

Israeli officials fail to quell Democratic revolt
By Edward-Isaac Dovere

Israeli Ambassador Ron Dermer and Knesset Speaker Yuli Edelstein rushed to meetings on Capitol Hill on Wednesday trying to calm a furor created by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s planned speech to Congress next month and quell a Democratic revolt that has dozens threatening a boycott.
It didn’t work.
If anything, Democrats finished the day more frustrated. According to a source in the room, one Jewish Democratic member of Congress even accused Dermer of being insincere when he claimed not to have anticipated the partisan uproar he’d ignite when he skirted protocol and went around the White House and scheduled the speech only with House Speaker John Boehner.
White House press secretary Josh Earnest, meanwhile, dangled the possibility that the White House would have Vice President Joe Biden skip the speech in what the West Wing acknowledges would be a serious snub...
Whole text at the Politico site (Apr 4, 2015)

This Year’s Tally: 21 U.N. Resolutions on Israel, 4 on Rest of World Combined

GENEVA, Nov. 29 – According to a comprehensive UN Watch study of all U.N. General Assembly draft resolutions of its current 67th session, counting the one just approved today, the world body plans to adopt a total of 21 resolutions singling out Israel for criticism in one form or another (see draft texts below) — and 4 resolutions for the rest of the world combined.
The four are: one on Syria, a regime that has murdered 40,000 of its own people, and one each on Iran, North Korea and Burma, whose government was largely praised in the U.N. text.
There will be no UNGA resolutions at all on China, Cuba, Belarus, Zimbabwe, Russia, Sudan, Venezuela, Pakistan — and all the rest...
Whole text at UN Watch site

Danilo Fogel (1923-2012.)

The eldest member of the Jewish Community in Zemun, Danilo Fogel died on August 13th 2012, at the age of 89. He was buried on August 17th in the Jewish Cemetery in Zemun.

On behalf of the gathered mourners, the honorary President of the Federation of Jewish Communities in Serbia, Mr. Aleksandar Nećak paid his last respects to Danilo. In his tribute he said:

“Today we take leave of Danilo Fogel, a worthy and venerated member of the Jewish community, a devoted and goodhearted parent, a committed member of the community in which we live and for the good of which he actively fought from his early years of life. His long professional life, as well as the years of his retirement was pledged to an unyielding preservation of veracity, of attained social values, as well as to endeavors to point this world, within the bounds of his capabilities, toward ethical perfection.
This said, it becomes understandable that Danilo Fogel nurtured deep within him all the genuine values of Judaism and that in context with the times, and social and political circumstances he applied and unobtrusively weaved such values into his everyday life.
A Jew by birth, he attended the Jewish primary school in Zemun and became a member of the Hashomer Hacair, the organization whose goal was to physically and psychologically prepare Jewish youths for life in the Palestine in order to restart life in the homeland and build a socialist society…
Like most Jews survivors from these parts of the world he lost his dearest, father, mother and two brothers inside the death camp of Jasenovac and Stara Gradiška. He joined the Partisan movement and was the bearer of the 1941 Spomenica award, a recognition which has sadly today become obsolete.
Among other, the Jewish Community is indebted to Danilo Fogel for his serious research work in compiling a large number of documents and photographs relevant to and depicting the life of the Jewish Community in Zemun from its beginnings up to contemporary times. His contributions are present in nearly all of the twenty editions published by the Jewish Community in Zemun.
He was awarded II parity award, in the 45th award wining contest of the Federation of Jewish Communities in Yugoslavia in 2001 (the first award not being decided), for his work “The Jewish Community in Zemun”. This publication is a chronicle of the life of the Jewish Community in Zemun from the time of initial Jewish settlement in 1739 up to 1954. It must be noted that in this literary award contest, one of the oldest in our country, participants and awardees were also Danilo Kiš, David Albahari and other renowned authors.
Today our friend, our dear and honored Danilo Fogel enfolds his long, prosperous and useful life together with his Jewish cycle, in accord with our tradition and takes leave of us as the MASTER OF RETURN as contained in the wording of our old books BAAL TESHUVA. Zihrono livraha!     
Zemun, this day of August 17th 2012/29 av.5772.

Aleksandar Nećak
Honoray President of The Federation of Jewish Communities in Serbia

IOC President with “Palestinian” flag

The World Olympic Committee head vigorously opposed to a minute of silence during the opening games in London Olympic Games in memory of the late 11 Israeli athletes murdered at the Munich Olympics in Germany in 1972.

Note the scarf he's carrying around his neck, the PLO flag.

(August 2, 2012)

On the margins of the Limmud Keshet Conference – The Return of the Pink Panther

With due recognition for the mere idea of organizing Limmud Keshet Ex Yu Conference meetings, the above stated meeting was nevertheless marked by an apparent  antagonism among certain Communities from Croatia. The fierce dispute concerning the attendance/exception of lecturer Ivo Goldstein from Bet Israel Community ended in the cancellation of meeting attendance of two major Croatian Communities, that of Zagreb and Osijek. That we too, are not immune to poor inter-relations was reflected in the atmosphere of apparent offensiveness between members of various communities from Serbia. While some conspicuously hugged and kissed, others were at times stared at up to the point of unveiled hatred. In this “poisonous” atmosphere the president of JC Pančevo, David Montias made an attempt to organize a meeting of Serbian JC presidents. The intention to overcome disputes and dissent failed to receive the approbation of the newly appointed Federation Deputy, Ruben Dajč. Primarily conceived as an official meeting, in the end, at the insistence of the Deputy, it landed an “off the record” classification tag. In the thus acquired unofficial atmosphere, a number of different versions of the recent tempestuous events that took place in JC Beograd, the Federation and of our relations with JDC and its director for Serbia, Mr. Robert Đerasi were voiced. Ruben Dajč’s overwhelming desire to hold the floor resulted in the, “off the record”, walking out from the meeting of myself and JC Subotica president, Tomika Halbrorh. The envisaged official meeting with the entire Federation Executive Board announced by Mr. Robert Đerasi will provide the writer of this text the opportunity to air his views.
Finally, appreciating the fact that no gathering had ever taken place to the content and expectations of all concerned, I nevertheless suggest that the organization of the next meeting should be entrusted to Ruben Dajč. Who knows, maybe his acquired expertise and competence will see us enjoying our next Limmud Keshet Ex Yu on the sandy beaches of the Marshall or Cayman islands! If so, I cooperatively apply to volunteer, and instead of organizing outings like that to the Orlovača cave, shall foresee visits to local banks, placing emphasis on associated research work!

off the record Nenad Fogel

How Nazi Adolf Eichmann's Holocaust trial unified Israel
By Gavin Esler

When Nazi Adolf Eichmann stood trial for war crimes 50 years ago, it helped to unify the young state of Israel by allowing Jewish people to talk openly about the Holocaust.
"For Jews," the Israeli historian Tom Segev said, "there were always two Adolfs."
Adolf Hitler had killed himself in the ruins of his Berlin bunker but the other Adolf, SS Lt Colonel Adolf Eichmann, was what Segev called "the face of the Holocaust".
Fifty years ago this week, shortly before 9 o'clock in the morning of 11 April 1961, the "second Adolf" faced justice in a makeshift Israeli courtroom in Jerusalem.
The Eichmann trial helped create modern Israel and has profound implications for the world today...
More from BBC Onlne, April 6, 2011

Synagogue in Milan Nedic Street
Aleksandar Necak

Belgrade SynagogueThe council of Jewish municipalities received an invitation for the first exhibition in the National Theatre Museum. We accepted the invitation. Our pleasure lasted until we reached the tenth page of the catalogue, where we read that the street in which the Jewish synagogue is located, and which used to be called Kosmajska Street, then Marsal Birjuzov Street, is now called Milan Nedic Street. We were shocked, and I called the competent commission of the Municipal Assembly to ask whether this information was correct. They told me that there was never such a request, nor was this issue discussed at all. However, I believed that this could not have been an accidental error or oversight. If you write that a street is named after Milan Nedic, it must be some kind of message. I wrote a letter to the Director of the National Theatre Museum, in which I demanded, on the behalf of the Jewish community, that this be erased from the catalogue, because it was incorrect. I also demanded that this untruth be removed both from their website and the poster. Milan Nedic was not rehabilitated, and no one has the right to name a street after him, curator and art historians included. The fact that the synagogue is located in this street made things even worse and we believe it to be a finger in the eye of the Jewish community...
More from Pescanik Site, Dec 12, 2010


On the 46th anniversary of the death of the third president of the Federation of Jewish Communities of Yugoslavia, Dr. Albert Weiss the Executive Board of the Federation of Jewish Communities of Serbia resolved to alter the name of the Federation’s award winning competition. Ignoring the unambiguous caution addressed to members of the Executive Board by the undersigned that the said Federation’s competition was named after Dr. Albert Weiss, the Federation president Alexander Nećak’s proposal to rename the competition to „Jennie  Lebl’’ was approved by a majority of votes (9 pro, 1 against and 3 abstained). The reason for the Federation’s rejection of one of its most prominent presidents ever, remains unfathomable. To commemorate the 90th anniversary of the founding of the Federation in contribution we herewith cite the final passage from Dr Albert Weiss’, biography published in “Commemorative Volume” issued for the 50th anniversary of the Federation’s of Jewish Communities of Yugoslavia 1919 -1969 continued work.

Albrt Vajs“Commemorative Volume (to Dr. Albert Weiss, author’s remark) issued by the Federation is only a small token of the Federation’s respect and piety and together with the monument erected to him by the Federation in the Jewish Cemetery in Belgrade, the Forrest planted in the Gat (Israel) kibbutz as a living token of remembrance, the institutions named after him such as the Kindergarten of the Belgrade Jewish Community, the Jewish House in Skopje and the Federation’s award wining competition is only an endeavor to emphasize that the third president of the Federation in office from 1948 up to this death (1964) was a man, a Jew who shall never be forgotten and whose legacy and love for the community shall always stay alive in the minds of all who hold Jewry and our community close to heart.”

All comment is superfluous in light of abandoned promises and pledges to uphold and preserve the memory of Dr. Albert Weiss. The name of the Kindergarten was simultaneously obliterated with the closing of the institution while the Jewish Community of Macedonia consciously forsook all remembrance of him. Finally, following the initiative of Alexander Lebl made on account of Jennie Lebl family, “the wise men” of our community ultimately stripped Dr. Albert Weiss, of the Federation’s award winning competition. We can only hope that the felling of Dr. Albert Weiss’, Forrest in Israel shall not cross anyone’s mind nor that his monument in Belgrade ’s Jewish Cemetery be defaced by which acts the mission of obliterating everything that could call Dr. Albert Weiss, to mind would be accomplished.

Nenad Fogel, January 25, 2010.

November 2009 - JDC Celebrates 95 Years

JDC Celebrates 95 Years
From Jewish children around the world: "Happy 95th Birthday JDC!" Travel from the past to present with JDC's 95th anniversary video.

Year after Year, JDC Extends its Global Reach
Building on its 95-year history, JDC is as committed as ever to helping the world's most vulnerable Jews. Meet Faina, a poor elderly woman in Belarus who counts on JDC assistance for daily survival. Meet others who benefit from JDC's relief and Jewish renewal efforts.

Israeli Prime Minister Thanks JDC for 95 Years of Exemplary Service
Watch Benjamin "Bibi" Netanyahu congratulate JDC on its anniversary and commend the organization on its contributions to the citizens of Israel.

You Can Be the One: Apply for the RIG Fellowship in International Jewish Service
Now accepting applications for the 2010-2011 Ralph I. Goldman (RIG) Fellowship. Apply here: Deadline: December 30, 2009

Join the Party Online
It's just the beginning of JDC's anniversary celebrations. Check out JDC's "95th" web page for resources and updates.

Since 1914, the American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee (JDC) has given global expression to the principle that all Jews are responsible for one another. Working today in over 70 countries, JDC acts on behalf of North America's Jewish communities and others to rescue Jews in danger, provide relief to those in distress, revitalize overseas Jewish communities, and help Israel overcome the social challenges of its most vulnerable citizens. JDC also provides non-sectarian emergency relief and long-term development assistance worldwide.

Neo-Nazi Songs, "Heil Hitler" Salutes at Croatian Soccer Matches
Arutz Sheva by Nissan Ratzlav-Katz

Croatian soccer teams are cheered on the field with popular songs glorifying World War II-era genocide played over the loudspeakers and Nazi salutes in the stands. The United Kingdom 's The Sun newspaper reported on Tuesday that the Croatian Football Association is apparently behind the fascist rabble-rousing.

According to The Sun, some of the most inflammatory songs by neo-Nazi rocker Marko Perkovic as well as World War II slogans of the Nazi-allied Ustashe regime are chanted by soccer fans at Croatian home games. The national team's manager was said by The Sun to have played Perkovic's music "in the dressing room to fire up his players." Croatian soccer hooligans often wear Ustashe uniforms and give the Seig Heil Nazi salute, with thousands of other fans joining in for fascist Ustashe and Perkovic chants...
Click here to see the whole article

The conflict in the Gaza strip at the turn of year 2008 to 2009 has shocked the world. Jews throughout the world have been exposed to severe anti-Semitism of multiple nature. The situation in Serbia is in trend with the rest of the world. A number of gatherings that have taken place in protest of the Middle East war have as their ultimate goal had the expression of enmity toward Israel and Jews; from the publicized meeting of the Women in Black in Belgrade, upheld by the largest opposition party the Serbian Radicals and rallied by Right wing organizations (1389 …), up to the attendance of the Belgrade Mufti Jusufspahić. The Palestinian Consul ( Serbia has recognized the non-existing state of Palestine , while on the other hand Israel has not done so with Kosovo) was also present. The Women in Black left the gathering which they had officially initiated declaring ?that as members of a Peace organization they cannot be present at a meeting together with fascists and anti-Semites?. A few days after the first gathering which grew into a protest of nationalists of all shades, the Women in Black protested again however very selectively. There was no sign of such a protest while Hamas bombs fell on the south of Israel taking innocent lives in open cities. On this occasion they gave voice to accusations directed at those who have in the past defended and keep defending that which is most important: the safe and peaceful life of citizens of Israel . A few days ago the Islamic Community (IC) in Serbia headed by the arch mufti Muamer Zukorlić organized a gathering in Novi Pazar under the motto Help for Palestinians. As on countless occasions before it once again proved that religious organizations will transgress their duty of spiritual guidance by dealing with the mundane, influencing and putting pressure on daily politics with their public manifestations and presentation of political programs that fall them short of the canons proclaimed by their faith. In an excessive speech broadcasted by TVB92 he presented a series of opinions unbecoming to a religious leader who by provenance should be an advocate of love and understanding. He did not miss to mention the 10 genocides committed against Bosnians, stressing that of Srebrenica, and in one and the same breath allege that he is neither against Serbia or Serbs. He acknowledged himself as an anti-Zionist with great pride. This was yet again followed by another noxious overturn when he stated that he is not against Jews; however by design he avoided any mention of the state of Israel as he is evidently against its existence. In the world of Jews to be a Zionist is an act of devoutness as it stands for the centuries long yearning to return to the land of origin, homeland.  On the same occasion the so-called Consul of Palestine in Belgrade gave voice to the standing argument that ?there shall be no peace unless the ultimate goal is achieved ? Palestine with Jerusalem as its capital city?. The one thing he left out is the supplement to the adage which is also part of every Palestinian program that this will happen once ? Israel is pushed off into the sea?. Something that anti-Semites should always bear in mind is that the modern state of Israel , as contained in effective laws has the obligation to protect all Jews in Israel and internationally no matter where they may be.

Instead of (of kind) comments and pronouncements a propos the humanitarian catastrophe of the Palestinian people take time to view the short film that can best show the concern and humane care toward their own children. Please click on this YouTube link.

Nenad Fogel, January 11th, 2009


Samo po ToriAt the Extraordinary Meeting of its Executive Board the Federation of Jewish Communities of Serbia discussed the new founded situation regarding all ?public announcements? on the subject of the withdrawal of the Anti-discrimination Bill. Points deliberated by the Executive Board: the reaction of the public, the reaction of the community, consequences relating to the community, the responsibility of the JCS Federation President, the responsibility of all participants and the responsibility of the JCS Federation Executive Board. After a prolonged discussion the Board passed the following RESOLUTIONS.
By the stated resolutions the EB took an unequivocal stance against the media who ill-used the Rabbi?s support for the proposed withdrawal of the Bill from parliamentary proceedings and speciously interpreted his representation of the views of the Jewish Community. Unfortunately, the Executive Board has yet to reach a standpoint on extending its support for the withdrawal of the Anti-discrimination Bill. We expect the Federation Meeting scheduled for April 19, 2009 will result in a decision on the point. In the second and third point of the mentioned Resolution the EB repeated to the democratic population Articles 16, 25 and 31of the Statute of the JCS Federation regulating public representation of the Federation of Jewish Communities of Serbia, aiming at ?transparent and unbiased? future relations.

The Federation EB considered in detail the recent apprehension of the editor of Beton, Mr. Sasa Ilic by the police for interrogation concerning the satirical poem by Predrag Lucic in which well known anti-Semites Jasa Tomic and Dejan Lucic are derogated. After looking into the letter addressed by Beton editorial board to Federation president Necak expressing regret for the ensuing misunderstanding and taking into account that the entire case has unjustly been epitomized as an anti-Semitic incident, the EB unanimously decided that further proceeding by the prosecuting attorney should be brought to an end.

At the end of the meeting the Executive Board fiercely censured all death threats made to any member of our community and explicitly condemned all such manifestations. The said conclusion was reached in response to the request for protection made by the president of the Zemun Jewish Community to the EB regarding death threats made to him through the Federation president Necak. The threats came from a group which identified itself as the ?Synagogue group? and are associated with Fogel?s views articulated in the dailies Danas and Borba. Nenad Fogel expressed his gratitude for the ?strong? support and ?protection? given by the Federation EB.

Latest news: The Executive board of the Zemun Jewish Community at its extraordinary meeting on March 22, 2009 resolved to lodge penal charges against persons unknown who threatened to assassinate ZJC president Nenad Fogel. The ZJC EB considers that the Federation?s conclusion renders no protection against explicit threats made by the said group to organize a hit on community president Nenad Fogel.

Zemun, March 22, 2009.

Links to several Serbian media texts and video clips which could be categorized as improper interpretations of our attitudes (not adopted yet).
Editorial pick

The Federation Site

Six months upon the final date of the announcement for the set-up of the Federation of Jewish Communities of Serbia site we can now inform you that as of today you may access site by clicking on the herewith displayed Association logo. However, as always there will be ?a drawback? since the site is in the stage of operational (none)-service. Many pages have yet to be placed. You will find that quite a few of them bear the inscription ?page in preparation?.  So who is in charge of the preparation of one such page? With the aim to conscientiously discharge all duties relevant to the set-up of the site and the editing of the printed bulletin, which from the onset of the New Year bears the old name ?The Jewish Review?; we have employed a reporter by profession. The new editor has in the past six moths substantially improved the newspaper image and design.

However, the issue here is the site. As a person who has for same years now backed the initiation and set-up of the Association?s site believing that it was odd that the Zemun Jewish Community site should be the only one to provide news about our community in electronic form and option, I truly expected that everything would proceed at a much faster rate.
Instead of any stern commentaries we duly expect that we shall very shortly read news reports on the Association?s site which by default are prepared by the editor.

Nenad Fogel, Editor of JCZ site, January 19, 2009

April, 18th 2008 - Hitler among Serbs, part 3

It took quite long time for the owner of hotel "Mr. President" to decide to remove incompatible Hitler's portrait from apartment 501. Credits for this move belong to all of us who raised our voice against such an immoral marketing action and most of all to Israeli ambassador to Serbia Mr. Koll. Without his intervention nothing would happen.
However, there is always however, there was an opinion poll on Serbian Café site asking visitors in which apartment of the hotel they would like to stay. 7,2% of 2365 votes said they would like to stay in right in the room with Hitler's portrait. Quiestion who are these people still remains. Are they descendants of those who greeted Hitler's troops who bombarded Belgrade 67 years ago on April 6th 1941 killing thousands of innocent citizens? Think about it!

Another Nazzi and Hitler fan, owner of "Cajger" café, completely rearranged his window. We hope that Nazzi souvenirs that were exhibited before are not for sale, under counter now.

More on (in Serbian)

February 2008 - NOT IN HITLER'S COMPANY!!!, Part 2
Very mild protests against public display of Hitler's portraits in the Hotel Mr. President's café and in one of it's apartments have encouraged boss Zabunovic. He calmly states that he is not going to remove the picture from the hotel room which brings him the highest profit. Quite contrary he might arrange another room in the style. The next thing we could expect is renting a nearby billboard to advertise his new invention - fast profit on tragic faith of Gypsies, Serbs and Jews in Serbia during WW2.
And so, while he thinks about his new campaigns, on the other part of Belgrade , in the CAJGER café of the MIBIS Club in 228, Vojvode Stepe St. , Nazi Fuehrer Hitler marches toward you from the club window. Maybe he escaped from the Hotel Mr. President's room? No, in the window there are Fuehrer's official photos. The windows is full of symbols from Nazi Germany, enriched with Ustashi insignia, just to remind us that we shared the same faith in Jasenovac.
Who are these people? Is it a new view to the history? Do they want to score some other effects but profit by promoting the worst war criminals of the 20th century? Where is our Justice Department? Isn't it enough to say that in Serbia there is no law against displaying  Nazi or Ustashi symbols. Who is supposed to propose and adopt such law? Germany has it, just transcribe it!
There's enough symbols in public sale from the past civil war in nineties. Do we really need symbols of their teachers? Maybe that the reason why there is no law to regulate this joking with the victims of war.

Who celebrates with Hitler? (Dec, 23th 2007)

Pompously announced as "the best 2008 New Year celebration downtown" in MPS Club in 75, Karadjordjeva St. promises only one thing for sure: you will cheer the New Year in an ambient decorated with large poster behind the bar with Hitler's photograph in foreground. What connects Hitler with John Lennon, Marilynn Monroe, Madonna or John Kennedy is only known to the owners of the café. Photoshop is almighty! Deceased John Lennon, who's song Give Peace A Chance became a hymn of all pacifists, stands right beside Hitler who's ideology brought to slaughter of six million Jews. Do you know how many Serbs were victims?

So, youngsters do not raise your right hand up to the skies but cheer the New Year with the song that celebrates PEACE!
Ofra Haza for you

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