Dec 15, 2015 - Evenining in Čurug, dedicated to vanished in WW2
Dec 12, 2015 - Seven candles for brighter future
Nov 20, 2015- Remembering the murdered Jews of Stara Pazova
Nov 10, 2015 - Exhibition about vanished Zemunians in Šid
Nov 7, 2015 - Filip David as guest in our “House of Remembrance”
Oct 26- Nov 4, 2015 - „Vanished“ in Podgorica
Oct. 22, 2015 - "Vanished in the Holocaust- Zemun" at Mahar
October 3, 2015 - Bela Crkva hosted our exhibition
September 13, 2015 – Zemunians marked the
Rosh Hashanah 5776

September 6, 2015 - EDJC inZemun
July 26, 2015 - Commemoration of the Zemunian Jews
June 23, 2015 - Walk and keep on walking
June 7, 2015 - Regular Annual Assembly of the JCZ
April 16, 2015 - Zemun commemorates Jom HaShoah
April 4, 2015 - Moses, Zemun and Novak
March 4, 2015 - Esther pays a visit to JC Zemun
February 4, 2015 - Tubishvat in the JC Zemun
January 27, 2015 - The Holocaust Remembrance Day in Slovenia

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December 15, 2015 - An evening in Čurug dedicated to Jews and Serbs who perished in the war

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In the Museum of Victims who perished in the Raid in Čurug the last staging of the exhibition “Vanished in the Holocaust Zemun - Every picture tells a story” for this year was opened. The exhibition about the slaughter of Zemun Jews during World War Two served as an introduction for the marking of the Day of Commemoration for victims of the Raid executed in January 1942. The location on which the exhibition was staged was inside the ex-“grain storage facility” which today houses the Museum of Raid victims, commemorating the 420 innocent people slaughtered in the campaign on this spot. At the very opening of the exhibition the attending guests were welcomed by Museum secretary, Ms. Mina Jurišin. In the murderous operation of Hungarian Fascists, named the Raid, all Jews from Čurug were killed, Ms. Mina Jurišin stressed.
Following the introductory speech the guests were welcomed by Mr. Nenad Fogel and Mr. Aleksandar Nećak. In their speeches both of them turned, among other, to the inciting atmosphere to initiate procedures for the rehabilitation of the President of the Government of occupied Serbia, Mr. Milan Nedić. Little is known that Milan Nedić’s government, beside arresting and handing over Jews to the German occupation administration was also responsible for the death of tens of thousands of Serbian patriots. In Camp Banjica alone over 32.000 people were killed, all of them listed and named individually in the book “Logor Banjica” (Camp Banjica) published by the Historical Archives of Belgrade. The stance that the initiation of procedures, which are now well under way, for the case of rehabilitating a proven Fascist, anti-Semite and anti- Communist, is an abominable contention, defamatory to the innocent victims, was received with acclaim and approval of the present audience.
Exhibition author, Mr. Nenad Fogel invited all present to take home a complimentary book/catalogue about the exhibition, which edition was completely funded by the Open Society Foundation Serbia

December 12, 2015 - Seven candles for brighter future

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The Jewish Community in Zemun in keeping with its long-term tradition organized the Hanukah celebration for its youngest.
On the occasion the community presented the children with appropriate gift packets.
While the children played with their newest toys, the “gift” for the seniors arrived in the form of a spread of foods.

November 20, 2015- Remembering the murdered Jews of Stara Pazova

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The Stara Pazova Cultural Center organized in the hall of its theater our exhibition “Vanished in the Holocaust - Zemun”. The Jews from Stara Pazova were an integral part of the Jewish Community in Zemun prior to World War Two. Their destiny was tragic. Out of the twenty families that lived in Stara Pazova in 1941 not one member survived the Holocaust. Due to this fact the exhibition of photographs displayed from the territory of Zemun does not contain a single picture of Pazova’s membership. The author of the exhibition, Mr. Nenad Fogel, in his speech reminded all present of the life of Jews in Stara Pazova prior to the Holocaust, as well as all the questions still left open to which the exhibition on show indicates.
Present at the exhibition were also some Pazova citizens who still remember their Jewish neighbors. One of the guests recounted with pride how his grandfather, who was an employee of landlord Kon, managed to earn enough money to build his own house. Unfortunately, while some keep alive the memory of their neighbors and co-citizens, those who are responsible for preserving historical facts at “State level” have clearly no inclination to preserve the location of one of the largest execution sites in Serbia, the Zemun death camp for Jews. Mr. Aleksandar Nećak touched on this issue by putting forward the question: Is the rationale behind such behavior actually the desire to hide the fact that 6400 Belgrade Jews were rounded up by the collaboration government of Milan Nedić and delivered to the German occupation police force? 70 years have passed and we are still waiting for an answer

November 10, 2015 - In Memory of Jews from Šid and Zemun who vanished in the Holocaust

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The National Library “Simeon Piščević“ in Šid was host to the exhibition about Zemun’s Jews who vanished in the Holocaust. Radovan Sremac, who was in charge of putting the exhibition on show, invited us to come to the opening as guests. Thus we had the opportunity to jointly commemorate the 77th anniversary of the massive murder of Jews, the “Crystal Night”. The two days of Nazi unrestrained savagery throughout Germany and Austria was a clear sign of what lay in store for Jews inside Europe. But nobody took heed of the fact. The fate of Jews in Šid and Zemun would be the same. Both towns were during World War Two part of the so called, ISC. On July 27, 1942, the Ustashi rounded up all Jews and transported them to death camps Jasenovac and Stara Gradiška. The staging of the exhibition “Vanished in the Holocaust - Zemun” whose author is Nenad Fogel was an appropriate occasion to mutually venerate the memory our massacred cohabitants. Beside the reverence paid to the dead, Nenad Fogel in his speech touched on the present day (political and court) situation which once again has aroused fear in our small community in Serbia. The aim of the exhibition could not be plainer: The past is still in our memory. We cannot allow it to happen again! Mr. Fogel wound up his speech by thanking all sponsors who backed the making of the exhibition. The donations of the Open Society Foundation Serbia and that of Eng. Josef Žamboki from Israel were crucial to its realization.

November 7, 2015 - Filip David as guest in our “House of Remembrance”

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Inside the premises of the Jewish Community in Zemun, in our own “House of Remembrance”, a testament to posterity, this year’s awardee of the eminent NIN award for literature, our illustrious author Filip David honored us with his presence as our dear guest.
In front of a “packed house” the writer Milan Fogel from Israel spoke of the book “The House of Memories and Oblivion”. Each word uttered by our guest’s colleague was an ample validation that before us was an outstanding work of literature written by our renowned dramaturge and writer Filip David. The attendance of the copious gathering was yet another indication of the enormous respect and esteem Filip David enjoys among his reading public.
The copies of the author’s book, sold at a stimulating publisher’s discount, were in no time snapped up, only to reappear once again before the author, now in the hands of guests entreating for just one more sentence from David to adorn their copy. A true keepsake for the purchasers.

Oct 26- Nov 4, 2015 - „Vanished“ in Podgorica

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Our exhibition “Vanished in the Holocaust – Zemun, Every Picture Tells a Story“ was put on show at the Culture Center “Budo Tomović“ in Podgorica at the invitation and organization of the Jewish Community in Montenegro. It was quite symbolic that the exhibition which is a memento of the perishing of Jews during World War Two should be located staged in a center which bears the name of National Hero Budo Tomović who was killed in 1942. Almost surreal seems the fact that in central Podgorica the Josip Broz Tito Street and the Peta proleterska brigade (Fifth Proletarian Brigade) Street intersect, as also do the Boulevard of the Revolution and the Boulevard Save Kovačevića (National Hero), the street 27 Marta (Memorial day Yugoslavia ) with 4 jula (4 July - Memorial day of Yugoslavia) Street, and where the Bratstvo i jedinstvo (Brotherhood and unity of the people of Yugoslavia ) Street reaches out to the streets of Žrtava fašizma (Victims of Fascism) and 13 jula (Montenegro day uprising), not mentioning all other Podgorica streets that preserve the feats of the World War Two fight against Fascism; such names the authorities in Belgrade have long ago substituted with those of “kings and queens”. Chetniks get ready and draw out your weapons for there are still some forgotten street names of heroes of the People’s liberation Movement of Yugoslavia awaiting you to do away with them.
In Montenegro which preserves anti-Fascism as its historical heritage we could not have found a more appropriate place for the staging of our exhibition. The director of Culture Center “Budo Tomović“, Ms. Snežana Burzan, who speaks of her Partisan family members with pride, addressed the audience and expressed her pleasure for being able to host our exhibition. The vice president of the Jewish Community in Montenegro, Ms. Jelena Đurović, welcomed the representatives of the Montenegrin government, Ms. Biljana Pejović from the Ministry for human rights and Mr. Ilija Stojanovića from the Ministry of Culture as well as Mr. B.Bix Aliu, the Deputy Ambassador of America in Montenegro. Mr. Nenad Fogel pointed out how the viewing of the staged exhibition was an ideal introduction to the evening’s events which included the viewing of the film/series “Adresa logor“(Address – extermination camp) which tells of the annihilation of Jews in the Jewish camp Zemun, (Judenlager Semlin).
Mr. Fogel further stressed the unacceptable fact that the man who arrested and delivered to the Germans 6400 Jews from occupied Serbia - the person in question being Milan Nedić, will in all probability be rehabilitated in the near future. Mr. Nenad Fogel emphasized the precious support of the Open Society Foundation Serbia and their donation which made the printing of 5000 copies of the pertaining exhibition catalogue possible. Copies of the catalogue are distributed to all exhibition viewers free of charge. We were further substantially supported by Eng. Josef Žamboki from Israel. In accordance with its moderate means, the City of Belgrade lent its support as well as the JDC from New York.

Oct. 22, 2015 - Exhibition “Vanished in the Holocaust – Zemun, Every Picture Tells a Story” at the Mahar

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At the international conference Mahar 2015 held this year in the seaside town of Petrovac, Montenegro, in the presence of over 400 participants, our community presented its activities by staging the exhibition dedicated to the Jews of Zemun who perished in World War Two. In his opening speech, the President of the Jewish Community in Montenegro, Mr. Jaša Alfandari, among other stated that “…when we revere and keep alive the memory of the dead we impede those who committed atrocities against us to not to forget their misdeeds”. The author of the exhibition, Mr. Nenad Fogel expressed in his address the need to forego the practice of stating just the bare numbers. It is not enough just to note that 574 members of the Jewish Community in Zemun perished in the Holocaust. The ninety photos on exhibition fully back the subtitle “Every Picture Tells a Story”, as they are a portrayal of people who obviously lived their lives with “zest and zeal”. Beside its main exhibition theme, keeping alive the memory of our cohabitants, the project also aims to address a nuance of ongoing demands made by German and Hungarian minorities in Serbia to come together and build memorials to “all victims” who perished in the tragedies of war. These initiatives shall be the subject of a panel discussion planned to take place in the Belgrade’s Home of Youth in September 2016.
Mr. Nenad Fogel emphasized the precious support of the Open Society Foundation Serbia and their donation which made the printing of 5000 copies of the pertaining exhibition catalogue possible. Copies of the catalogue are distributed to all exhibition viewers free of charge. We were further substantially supported by Eng. Josef Žamboki from Israel. In accordance with its moderate means, the City of Belgrade lent its support as well as the JDC from New York.

Photo gallery from the manifestation

October 3, 2015 - Bela Crkva hosted our exhibition

The Bela Crkva Cultural Center organized the presentation of our exhibition “Vanished in the Holocaust – Zemun” which was placed on show inside the central Town Gallery. In the presence of the exhibition author, Mr. Nenad Fogel, the event was opened by Bela Crkva County Council member for culture Mr. Slobodan Živković. The Jewish Community in Zemun, the initiator of this exhibition presentation, provided an ample number of its catalogues free of charge for exhibition viewers. The text contained in the catalogue has been printed in four languages (Serbian, Hungarian, German and English). The number of printed copies, 5000 in all, was provided by the Serbian Open Society Foundation. The exhibition will remain open to the public up to October 11th, and as Mr. Živković announced, it shall be viewed by local school pupils in organized groups.
We hope that our exhibition will remind all of its visitors of the great suffering and destruction of the once prominent Jewish Community in Bela Crkva during World War Two.

September 13, 2015 – Zemunians marked the upcoming Rosh Hashanah 5776

Members of our community and friends gathered at the premises of the JCZ to mark the onset of the Jewish New Year. We have traditionally served apples and honey, as well as a rich additional menu of food and drinks.
As always the most memorable was the enjoyable socializing and a cordial atmosphere with Nikola Salacanin´s music.

September 6, 2015 - EDJC in Zemun

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Within the scope of marking the European Day of Jewish Culture, the Jewish Community in Zemun opened its exhibition dedicated to its membership who perished in the Holocaust. The exhibition Vanished in the Holocaust - Zemun – Every Picture Tells a Story has been staged inside the Atelier cum Gallery, Čubrilo inside the Gardoš Tower. In her opening speech gallery Director, Ms. Borka Čubrilo, welcomed the numerous gathering of guests, among which were H.E. the British Ambassador to Belgrade, Denis Keefe with spouse Catharine, and ministers plenipotentiary to the Embassy of Croatia, Ms.Valentina Šarčević and Dr. Stjepan Glas. Among the guests were also Rabbi Yehoshua Kaminetzky and Mr. Milosav Stamenov member of the Zemun County Council. The author of the exhibition Mr. Nenad Fogel pointed out to the audience that during the 200 years of Jewish settlement in Zemun, around 1000 people have been buried in the nearby Zemun Jewish Cemetery, stressing however, that only in a single day, July 27th 1942, some 574 of them were condemned to death by deportment to the death camps Jasenovac and Stara Gradiška.  Their portraits, army pictures, photos of everyday life, group camping photos, photos made at numerous gatherings, school photos and photos depicting Zemun’s Jewish population in their workplace, revealed on the exhibition panels tell the story of their daily lives, but also of their fears and hopes for a better future. For the greater part of them the bright future never came. Notwithstanding the fact, their life energy exudes on the viewers from the exhibition panels and as long as they have us, their descendants, they shall continue to live on.
Mr. Aleksandar Nećak, the former President of the Jewish Communities in Serbia is the author of a separate article “A Look into the Future from the Past” contained in the exhibition book. Speaking of the second part of the project which deals with requests made to erect common memorials to “all victims of World War Two”, he pointed out that such requests are made by those who in many ways took part in the annihilation of Jews and murder of others who fought for liberty in the ranks of the anti-Fascist coalition within the territories of former Yugoslavia. We wish to call to mind to all who lean toward building such memorials that we are willing to accept the concept only in cases where the dead do not include convicted war criminals. Ideological reckoning resulting in the submission of over 5000 requests for rehabilitation of convicted war criminals, among which the most interesting is the request to rehabilitate Milan Nedić, is just one side of this medal. The other side, the one more down to earth, is that for the restoration of property of war criminals. The state law in force declares that until official recognition of the rehabilitation of any war criminals is granted, their property remains in the ownership of the state. We, the Jewish Community in Serbia wish to speak of this and similar subjects with the representatives of other national boards, those of the Roma, Hungarian and German, but also with renowned historians, where each one of the parties concerned could put forward their official views.
Last to address and welcome the guests was member of the Belgrade County Council, Mr. Stevo Tatalović, who also officially opened the exhibition.
Great devotees to the promotion of culture, the Čubrilo spouses, Borka and Đorđe, have for the fourth time lent free of charge their exhibition space for the staging our community’s exhibition. Out of a dilapidated space, the two of them have managed to transform the Tower on Gardoš into one of the most visited spots in Zemun. We thank them for the will and courage shown to our city.

The Project “Vanished in the Holocaust-Zemun, Every Picture Tells a Story” was funded by the Open Society Foundation Serbia, by the City of Belgrade, JDC New York and Eng. Josef Zamboki from Israel.

About this event the Municipality of Zemun also reports (in Serbian)

Virtual tour through the exhibition space by Branko Obradović.

July 26, 2015 - Commemoration of the Zemunian Jews

Video on our YouTube Channel

June 23, 2015 - Walk and keep on walking

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Dr. Jagoda Jorga, a distinguished professor at the Medical Faculty in Belgrade, delivered a lecture on the merits of a healthy diet to the members and friends of the Jewish Community in Zemun. The lecture, adapted to our layman understanding of the matter, showed us just how little it takes to adjust our regular diet to suit our daily needs.Although almost all the people present were conscious that they generally do not observe the basic postulate of healthy eating: “Be sure to intake as many calories as you use up in one day”, the aspiration to accept it “no later than tomorrow” was unambiguous.
To make that “from tomorrow on” really happen, we put an end to unhealthy eating by a generous partaking of “forbidden” foodstuff, prepared in such a way to please our delicate palate. I believe that the cream buns consumed in the attempt to say farewell toour unhealthy diets will be remembered by all, for a long time.
Till our next lecture keep thinking about the habit of smoking!

June 7, 2015 - Regular Annual Assembly of the JCZ

Regular Annual Assembly of the Jewish Community of Zemun was held on Sunday, 7 June 2015. Reports of the Supervisory Board and the President were adopted unanimously. The Financial Report, exposed by Mr. Nenad Altman, was especially well evaluated. The Assembly also unanimously supported planned activities of the JCZ. It is primarily our new project of the exhibition and the accompanying book “Vanished in the Holocaust – Zemun” which will be published in four languages, as well as activities in order to restitute the Zemun Synagogue back to our community. A contract with a new tenant in our house at the Jewish Cemetery Zemun in order to maintain the cemetery complex was also presented and accepted.

April 16, 2015 - Zemun commemorates Jom HaShoah

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The day of decimation and courage, Jom HaShoah was commemorated in the Home of the Serbian Army Air Force. Following the initiative of Municipality Council member, Mr. Milosav Stamenov, the Municipality of Zemun organized a formal assembly dedicated to the victims of the Holocaust for the first time. The Federation of Jewish Communities in Serbia and the Jewish Community in Zemun gave their dull support to the marking of this important date. The Serbian-Jewish Choir „Braća Baruh“ performed a seemly concert. At the very beginning of the assembly the national anthems of Serbia and Israel were sung. Within the scope of this formal gathering exhibitions dedicated to Holocaust victims and to those who saved Jewish lives during World War Two were placed on show. The Jewish Zemun Community presented two exhibitions in the “Ikar” gallery: the Jewish Camp in Zemun and the Righteous of Serbia.
All present paid their respects to the victims of fascist terror by a minute of silence. Upon this assembly presenter Mr. Predrag Prokopljević asked the Mayor of Zemun Municipality, Mr. Dejan Matić to address the audience. At the beginning of his speech Mr. Matić pointed out that “We observe the date of remembrance of Holocaust victims with veneration and great respect as one for ever does to victimized and innocent souls…” At the end he concluded that “From bygone times there always lived in Zemun people of different nationalities and faith. It is an actuality that sets Zemun apart from other communities. In its long history Zemun always tended to be a liberal town where righteous people lived, live today and will live tomorrow, a fact we are immensely proud of.”
An extract from the book by Danilo Fogel “The Synagogue Backyard” was read out by the President of the Federation Dr. Ruben Fuks, in the absence of Ms. Nada Blam.
The President of the Jewish Community in Zemun Mr. Nenad Fogel in his speech gave a short history of the life and work of Jews in Zemun as well as of the tragic fate that befell them during World War Two.
The President of the Federation Dr. Ruben Fuks among other, emphasized in his speech the impending “evil” in man, reminding all present that care must be taken that this vindictive evil should not turn on those who are different, like it did in the case of Jews during World War Two.
Present at the assembly was also Deputy Commander, Collonel Dragan Panić.
Following the assembly guest could view the above mentioned exhibitions on show, where they received appropriate catalogues as well as some editions published by the Jewish Community in Zemun.

About this event also at the Zemun Municipality site (in Serbian)

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April 4, 2015 - Moses, Zemun and Novak

Feast of liberation from Egyptian slavery was celebrated in Zemun, this time in company with Novak Djokovic. Somehow just at the time of our meeting, Novak started his match for the title in Miami. However, the first part of the match was won by our celebration and standard servings. A small group of dedicated to faith and to tennis, eventually gave way to watching the last, decisive set. Having achieved another victory over Scott, Novak beautified our holiday.

March 4, 2015 - Esther pays a visit to JC Zemun

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We are grateful to our dear friend Aron Albahari for informing us of everything Esther had to do to Ahasuerus in order to keep alive the Jewish people in Persia. There was no mention of the nature of the solution suggested these days in the American Senate saving the Jews in Israel from the latest looming tragedy. In any case, Haman had failed in his effort and we are certain that his present day contemporaries will fare equally. Instead of the 5 + 1 we were glad to welcome 39 + 1 guests and every single one of them was prepared “hands down”, to celebrate Esther’s fast.
Once the “fasting” ended, the music was set to begin. Our fellow Zemunian, Nikola Salaćanin performed a mini concert dotted with songs fitting for Purim but also the good old tunes from all parts of our ex-Yu state


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February 4, 2015 - Tubishvat in the JC Zemun

Jewish Community Zemun celebrated the New Year of Trees -Tubishvat.
The celebration was attended by Member of City Municipality of Zemun Council, Mr. Milosav Stamenov.

January 27, 2015 - Marking the International Holocaust Remembrance Day in Slovenia

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In the Synagogue in Maribor, the Center of Jewish Cultural Heritage marked the Day of Remembrance of the victims of the Holocaust by staging the Zemun Jewish Community’s Travelling exhibition about good people.
Present at the official opening were the representative of the Jewish Community inSlovenia, Dr. Igor Vojtic, the deputy of the Secretary of Foreign Affairs of Slovenia, Mr.Peter Japelj, the Ambassador of Switzerland to Slovenia, H.E.Pierre – Yves Fux, thedeputy of the German Ambassador to Slovenia, Dr. Jakob Haselhuber, the secondsecretary of the Embassy of Serbia in Slovenia Ms. Milica Pavlović, President of theJewish Community in Zemun Mr. Nenad Fogel and many other eminent citizens ofMaribor. The guests were welcomed by the special emissary of the Prime Minister ofSlovenia Dr. Miro Cerar, the state secretary Mr. Tadej Slapnik. The destinies of thepeople portrayed on the exhibition panels, as Mr. Slapnik stressed, “…are both animportant reminder and warning that such horrors should never happen again.”
In presenting the exhibition, Mr. Nenad Fogel, its co-author in collaboration with hisbrother Mr. Milan Fogel, informed the gathering of their motives and their need to stagea show that would be a constant reminder of the courageous people who saved Jewishlives during the Holocaust. The courage of the citizens of Yugoslavia of all nationalities,who consciously risked their lives and those of their families in order to save, veryfrequently, people of Jewish origin completely unknown to them, foregoing any sort ofcompensation, have left us, the children of those rescued, to preserve the memory oftheir deeds with a feeling of everlasting gratitude. Unfortunately, there are many whotoday negate their exemplary courage and instead of calling it to attention, have turnedto praising those who persecuted Jews within the territory of Yugoslavia during WorldWar Two. In light of such reasoning, Mr. Nenad Fogel made a special appeal in hisspeech to the elder generation, grandfathers and grandmothers “to tell theirgrandchildren of what really happened and thus keep truth alive.”
In the ensuing program prepared for the event the Maribor Synagogue showed exactlyhow children will be the ones who shall keep alive the memory of the courage of theRighteous among the nations, the awardees of the medal presented by the IzraeliMuseum Yad Vashem to non-Jews who saved Jewish lives during the Holocaust. Thepupils of the elementary school “Drago Kobal” from Maribor, under the tutoring of Ms.Marjetka Berlič, together with the pupils of the First Maribor Gymnasium, led byMs.Polona Meke Ožinger, presented a program commemorating the events in question.Students of the Belgrade Faculty of Foreign Languages Ms. Jelena Simić, Ms. AndrijanaStambolić, Ms. Tamara Poletan and Ms. Dijana Adamović under the guidance of Prof.Dr. Maja Đukanović translated the exhibition catalogue into Slovenian. The entireprogram was conceived and realized by Synagogue director Ms. Marjetka Bedrač.

“Each year one name - Marko Rosner“

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Within the scope of commemorations planned for the Day of Remembrance ofHolocaust victims, the University Library in Maribor organized an academic meeting“Each year one name - Marko Rosner“. Upon the introductory address of Mr. PeterJapelj, the emissary of the state secretary Ms. Dragoljuba Benčina of the Ministry ofForeign Affairs of the Republic of Slovenia welcoming all guests, the next to speak tothe guests and participants of the symposium was the President of the JewishCommunity in Zemun, Mr. Nenad Fogel. His speech to the assembly was read out inSlovenian by the Slovenian translation author, professor of Slovenian Ms. TamaraPoletan. The speech in Serbian and Slovenian.
Taking part in the symposium were eminent historians Boris Hajdinjak, Roman Mirnik,Dr. Marjan Toš, Anna Maria Gruenfelder, M.A. Renato Podbersič and Dr. Vera Klopčič.
Following the symposium, an exhibition of posters “A Journey through the Holocaust”dedicated to the remembrance of the Holocaust was presented in the hall of theUniversity Library. The exhibition was realized by Dr. Vlasta Stavbar, head of the librarydepartment. In her speech, library director Dr. Zdenka Petermanec presented theexhibition project to gathered guests. The non-residential Ambassador of Israel toSlovenia, H.E. Shmuel Meir opened the exhibition formally.
The President of the Jewish Community in Zemun, Mr. Nenad Fogel, presented books,The Righteous of Serbia and A Chronicle of the Jewish Community in Zemun, publishedby the Zemun Jewish Community in English, to the Ambassador. Owing to his tightschedule, Ambassador Meir, accompanied by Synagogue Director Ms. MarijetkaBedrač, viewed the staged Travelling exhibition about good people before its officialopening.The symposium was held under the patronage of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of theRepublic of Slovenia and the International Union for the Remembrance of the Holocaust– IHRA.

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