In our column "Others about us" our intention was to present all the reactions to our work, no matter is it positive or one of those we are not very fond of (anti-Semitic attacks), all with purpose to show to the visitors how the public evaluates our actions. Most of the reactions we collected during past five years are from local newspaper reports.

Our intention is to show, without editing or polishing, how Serbian media observe our activities. That is why we presented scans of newspaper pages showing published articles about us.

On separate pages we published photo galleries showing anti-Semitic incidents, particularly those on territory of Zemun and in our community.

All your reactions to the published material you can E-mail us on: jozemun@EUnet.rs

Holocaust memorial desecrated in Kosovo

Source: AP, Tanjug
PRIŠTINA -- Kosovo police are investigating who sprayed swastikas on dozens of tombstones in a Jewish cemetery in Priština.

“Jews out” was spray-painted on a memorial for Jewish families who perished during World War II.
Police Spokesman Brahim Sadrija said Thursday that police had sealed off the cemetery in Priština and were looking for clues. The vandalism is believed to have happened Tuesday, AP has reported.
”Kosovo police went to the scene and have taken the necessary steps. An expert from Priština’s Monument Directorate has also been contacted. The investigators are conducting an investigation in order to find out who the perpetrator of this act is,” Sadrija told Radio Free Europe...
More from B92.net ( Dec 2, 2011)

Serbia becomes member of the Task Force for International Cooperation on Holocaust Education

Ambassador Sladjana Prica on opening of exhibion about the Righteous from Serbia. From left to right: A. Nećak, M. Fogel, M. Ristović, M. Koljanin, Ambassador S. Prica, N. Fogel and H.E. Yossef Levy

Belgrade, 2 Dec 2011 – The Ministry of Labour and Social Policy stated today that at the plenary session of the Task Force for International Cooperation on Holocaust Education, Remembrance and Research, which was held yesterday in The Hague, Serbia was unanimously accepted into membership of this international organisation.
During the last two years, a special team composed of representatives of the Serbian government, the Federation of the Jewish Communities of Serbia, experts and civil society initiated and implemented numerous projects and activities that resulted in today’s unanimous decision of thirty states that our country meets all the requirements for the status of full member.
Paying honours to Serbia, the chairman of this international organisation, Dutch diplomat Karel de Beer, as well as heads of national delegations pointed to a number of results achieved in our country in previous years in education, research and remembrance of the Holocaust.
The delegation of the Republic of Serbia at the plenary session was led by Ambassador Sladjana Prica.
A special recognition to our state was paid by representatives of many institutions like the Memorial Centre "Yad Vashem" (Jerusalem), the Holocaust Museum (Washington), the State Museum "Auschwitz-Birkenau" (Auschwitz, Poland), the Anne Frank Foundation (Amsterdam), Holocaust Memorial (Paris, France) and others.
The member states of the Task Force for International Cooperation on Holocaust Education, Remembrance and Research are Israel, the United States, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Great Britain, Ireland, Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany, France, Switzerland, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Austria, Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Romania, Greece, Slovenia, Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania, Argentina, Canada and Croatia.

(From the Serbian Government WEB Site)

Obama to meet Palestinian leader amid U.N. crisis

UNITED NATIONS (Reuters) - President Barack Obama will meet Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas on Wednesday to urge him to drop plans to ask the U.N. Security Council to recognize a Palestinian state despite U.S. and Israeli objections.
The White House said Obama will meet Abbas at 6 p.m. ET on the sidelines of this week's U.N. General Assembly session in New York. Obama is also due to meet Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu earlier on Wednesday.
"With both the Israelis and the Palestinians the president will be able to say very directly why we believe action at the United Nations is not the way ... to achieve a (Palestinian) state," Deputy National Security Adviser Ben Rhodes told reporters.
Abbas has promised to present U.N. Secretary General Ban Ki-moon with a membership application on Friday, setting the stage for a Security Council vote that the United States, one of five veto-wielding permanent members, says it will block...
Whole article from Yahoo site . (Sept 21st, 2011)

Tiki Barber puts his foot in it again with ‘Anne Frank’ comment
By Doug Farrar

While brother Ronde appears to be the very soul of dignity as he continues his future Hall of Fame career down in Tampa Bay, former New York Giants running back Tiki Barber managed to offend quite a few people with a recent comment. Explaining the media scrutiny he's received since he left his pregnant wife to be with his 23-year-old girlfriend, Barber told L. Jon Wertheim of Sports Illustrated that he moved into the attic of his agent, Mark Lepselter, to escape prying eyes.
"Lep's Jewish," Barber allegedly said, "and it was like a reverse Anne Frank thing."
Um, yeah. A millionaire pro football player comparing himself to a teenage Jewish Holocaust victim is going to go over about as well as Adrian Peterson's recent "modern-day slavery" comment, but at least Peterson had a bit of context with which to defend himself. Barber's comment was thoughtless at best and asinine at worst. It's certainly the wrong step to take as Barber tries to rehab his image in the wake of professional and personal failures, and as he tried to convince people that he's got a legitimate future in the NFL as a comeback story...
More from Yahoo Sports site. (May 27, 2011)

The Jerusalem Post:
Killing Jews in the Balkans, saving Jews in the Balkans

By Edward Serotta

For the 450 years Jews lived in the Balkans, the Sephardim kept their traditions, all while becoming part and parcel of Balkan city life.
Seventy years ago this month, Hana Montijo had not quite reached her first birthday. Her parents, Menahem and Flora, lived in a mostly Muslim neighborhood on a steep hill overlooking Sarajevo. They were a poor family; Menahem worked as a tailor.
Matilda and Breda Kalef were 10 and nine-year-old sisters, and lived in a large house in Belgrade’s Jewish quarter, Dorcol. Their family owned a textile store, and everyone – uncles, grandparents, parents – worked there...

Whole article from The Jerusalem Post (April 30, 2011)


Anti-Semitic Developments in the Arab World:

Pope Pius XIIWikiLeaks: Vatican dropped Holocaust deal
Leaked U.S. cable suggests concern about records detailing Pope Pius' role during World War II may be behind 'back-pedaling'

The Vatican abandoned plans to join an international Holocaust remembrance body amid tensions over the role of the war-time pope, a newspaper reported citing a U.S. diplomatic cable obtained by WikiLeaks.
The U.K.'s Guardian newspaper reported that Julieta Valls Noyes, the number two at the American embassy to the Holy See, wrote in October 2009 that the Vatican had "rowed back on a prior written agreement" to take up observer status with the International Task Force on Holocaust Education, Remembrance, and Research, referred to as the ITF.
She added that the deal "had fallen apart completely … due to Vatican back-pedaling," according to the cable, which was published by the newspaper.
Whole text from MSN Site (Dec. 22, 2010)


Center says anti-Semitic canards normally attributed to the lunatic fringe has been bought into by opinion makers in Western Society
In response to an alarming rise in anti-Semitic statements, the Simon Wiesenthal Center will release its “Top Ten Anti-Semitic Slurs of 2010” The list emphasizes that more than ever, anti-Jewish statements publicly made by prominent figures have become commonplace and not just from Al Qaida, Hamas, Hezbollah members, or media outlets in the Middle East...
More from Simon Wiesenthal Center site (Dec 15, 2010)

World War II
Third-most-wanted Nazi war criminal dies before trial opens

The Nazi guard who was third on the Simon Wiesenthal Center's most-wanted list has died at his home in Germany, authorities said.
Presumed Nazi war criminal Samuel Kunz passed away before he could be brought to trial. There were no details released on the cause of death.
In July, Kunz was indicted by a German court of actually killing 10 people himself and helping murder some 430,000 during his time as a trainee and guard at the SS Trawniki and Belzec death camps. He was at those camps from January 1942 through July 1943. Both were located in then-occupied Poland...

Whole article from dw-world.de

November 5,  2010 - Arthur Koll an honorary citizen of Zemuna

The 2010 Zemun borough public recognitions were announced at our municipal ceremonial assembly held in the “Madlenijanum” Opera and Theatre House on November 5th. The Ambassador of Israel to Serbia, H.E. Mr. Arthur Koll was credited the title of “Honorary Citizen of Zemun”. Unfortunately, Mr. Koll could not attend the presentation of awards it being Shabbat. His letter of gratification was read out and welcomed by a big round of applause. The Jewish Community of Zemun would like to join the many well wishers and congratulate Ambassador Koll on the acknowledgment received.

Among many eminent artists, an associate member of the Zemun Jewish Community, i.e., the “Serbian – Jewish Singing Society”, led by maestro Djordje Stanković also took part in the magnanimous program.

Australia-Israel relations hit a new low

ustralian relations with Israel are at a low point after Canberra ordered the expulsion of a Mossad agent after revealing Israeli involvement in the forging of Australian passports.Australia-Israel relations hit a new low...

Vido from World News site 24 May 2010

Letter from the Simon Wiesenthal Center dated April 21st 2009 regarding the speach of Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad at the UN podium in Geneva.

Click on the image on the right to see the content.

Jewish leaders set to meet with pope
American Jewish leaders are scheduled to meet with Pope Benedict XVI on Thursday for their first face-to-face talks since a furor erupted over a bishop who denies the Holocaust.
Rabbi Arthur Schneier, who hosted the pope when he visited a synagogue in New York in April, said Wednesday that he plans to thank the pope for a commitment to strong Catholic-Jewish ties that Benedict expressed to dampen the controversy over he bishop...
Whole page from EJC web site (Thursday, February 12, 2009)
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