The new setup at The Memorial Museum Jasenovac (continued)

Among lines of other critics one can see that all Ustasha symbols are removed, that Jewish suffers in the camp are emphasized and that Serbian, Gypsy and other nationalities fatalities are minimized.

It is really terrifying to call Jasenovac a working camp, after more than 60 years since it was closed and after series of publications and numerous statements of surviving prisoners. That name was given by Ustashas on German Concentration camps model. The only difference is that these German so called working camps are now called with real name: death camps. Ustasha's overcame their Fascist masters with their bestiality, torturing, slaughtering and crunching heads with hammers.

Fact that only few prisoners survived is enough proof that Jasenovac really was a death camp. Partisans exchanged a certain number of prisoners for captured Wermacht soldiers (German Army), some succeeded to escape and 107 saved themselves in the known brake-through on April 22nd, 1942.

Here is how these events were described by the only survivor of Zemun Jews who were taken away to Jasenovac during 1942.

"Airplanes were already flying over the camp. Ustashas were digging out the corps and burning them in hurry in order to cover their crimes. The last contingent of 2000 women and children from Stara Gradiska were brought into the camp. Ustashas put them into barracks and than planted explosives. They blew them all together with the barracks. We could see what was going on. Although we could not believe that we could survive the break-through we decided that it was better to die from a bullet…

We run towards the main gate, Ustashas were firing from all sides, I was running over carpet of dead prisoners bodies…" (Ervin Rosenberg's statement in Yad Vashem, Jerusalem).

There are many written documents about horrors and killings on daily basis in Jasenovac and we will not quote them all this time.

Today's setup of Jasenovac memorial more hides than reveals the facts. In it is not possible to see that Independent State of Croatia (NDH) opened the camp to brutally liquidate Jews, Serbs, Gypsies and others. That was u pure act of genocide fitted into Fascist racial ideology.

It isn't good for today's Croatia not to face it's inglorious past.

Danilo Fogel

(The whole family of the author of this text has died in Jasenovac and Stara Gradiska camps)