June 13-15th - Second JDC Regional Property Seminar

Mr.Yechiel Bar-Chaim spoke about goals of this seminar in front of JDC, organizer of this event. JDC prepared comprehensive program for all participants. Respectable lecturers, distinguished guests and diligent participant contributed o successful function of the seminar.
Regional overview was reported by Mr. Herbet Block and Mr. Michael Schneider from World's Jewish Organisation for Restitution spoke about the role of international Jewish organisations. Czech model was explained by Ing. Zdenek Novak. H.E. Michael Polt, ambassador of USA in SCG addressed the participants and informed them about American policy in restitution of properties. Respectable expert from Jerusalem, arch. Ivica Ceresnjes, had two very noticeable expositions: Historical Background and Cross-Boundary Issues and Protection of Jewish Property. Through reports exposed by Sonja Elazar from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Darko Fisher from Croatia, Viktor Mizrahi from FYR Macedonia, Dr Hana Starman from Slovenia and Branka Pavlovic from Serbia participants were informed with particular situations in various ambients.
Attitude of governments towards this exceptionally  important mater was main theme in discussions that followed.
On behalf of Ministry of Religion of Serbia the participants were greeted by Mr. Dragan Novakovic, advisor to minister of religion. His comments on newly adopted law about restitution of properties to churches and religious communities was a excellent basis for analysis of situation with reclaim of Jewish properties in Serbia.
Mr. Arie Bucheister spoke about CLAIMS' efforts to retrieve Jewish properties throughout the world. Within frame of JDC's endeavours to assist in progress of Jewish communities in Europe Mr. Herbert Block and Mr. Eitan Horvat presented efforts done though SELF program.
The seminar ended with conclusion that meetings such was this one are of exceptional importance for Jewish Communities of the region. Both for their strive to return taken properties and for acquirement of proficiency in future management and development.