HEVRA KADISHA (Burial Societies)

The Jewish cemetery in Zemun dates from the time when the Community was founded. The old Jewish cemetery originally occupied a very narrow space. On October 10, 1802 more than a half century later the Jewish Community presented an application to the Magistrate asking for the extension of the existing graveyard. The request made by the Community was to obtain a grant for a site next to the Catholic cemetery. Evidently the request was approved, since to this day the Zemun Jewish cemetery stands on this site.

Hevra Kadisha was founded in Jewish Community of Zemun between 1770 and 1780. Hevra Kadisha (Burial Societies) was one of the institutions of great importance. It profoundly contributed to the up-holding and continuity of religious rites and customs performed at the Jewish burials. This funeral society had more than one statute because the rules were changed according to changes in practice of funerals. Obligatory use of coffin was dictated by the state regulations in Austria, later in Austro-Hungarian Empire. From the statute adopted in 1883 we can see that Hevra Kadisha was named: “Israeli brotherhood for care of ill and for funerals in Zemun”. That activity remained until 1941.There was difference in rights between members and non-members in all Hevra Kadisha statutes. Taxes for non-members could be even fifty times higher than for members.
Hevra Kadisha was always independent in work. Of course, Community management always kept right to supervise, especially in financial matters.
The society, among other duties, was determining sizes and positions of graves and inspected inscriptions on tombstones.  They had rights of censure inscriptions if they were not in accordance with Jewish tradition.Today Hevra Kadisha’ s activity is based on Funeral Regulations that was adopted by the Assembly of Jewish Community of Zemun and which was harmonized with the state regulations.


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