Religious holidays, Tubishvat, Purim, Pesah, Rosh Hashana and Hanukah will be central gathering events next year again. These holidays will have our special attention.

... The celebrations of our religious holidays will be organized with religious rituals enriched with entertaining contents.

... We are planing to organize five lectures with religious themes this year. The first one will be "Jews - Nobel Prize Winners". We plan Simha Kabiljo to organize this event. The second theme is related to the history and should be about foundation of State of Israel, lecturer Zarko Polak. The third topic would be actual moment of Israel, especiallu future of Kibbutz, lecturer Aleksandar Mosic. The fourth theme would be the Internet as a modern and unavoidable factor in contemporary society with review on connecting with Jewish communities throughout the world. The lecture will be organized by the JOZ Youth Section. All the lectures will be held at our premises, between February and July.

Our great project is making a multimedia CD containing all data related to our cemetery. It will be offered to the city tourist organizations for the purpose of fulfilling conditions for recognition as a monument of Jewish Cultural Inheritance in Europe.

The other direction of our cultural activities is organizing of literal evenings as follows: One evening is planed for promotion of "Letter" magazine by Rasa Livada. The second evening is planed for promotion of all editions of our Rabbi Isaac Asiel. During the year, depending on circumstances, we will organize two or three more meetings with our writers for sure. All literal evenings will be held at premises of our community.

During 2006 we will exhibit selected works from our Sculpting Section with a special review on our Internet site. The site presentation is planed to be commercial. Visitors will be enabled to purchase the offered creations.

We are planning to organize a great retrospective exhibition of our photographs taken on our celebrations and socializing sessions during past six years.

Particular attention will be paid to marking of Days of European Jewish Culture. The program will be created in accordance with directives for 2006 manifestations of this traditional day, i.e. week.

... Traditional markings of two important dates in modern history, Yom Hashoa - Holocaust Day and July 27th - day when Jews from Zemun and the region were expelled to Jasenovac and Stara Gradiska concentration camps.

... In the field of publishing we are planning to translate Danilo Fogel's book "Jewish Community in Zemun 1739-1945" into English and to have it printed.