December, 12th 2004 - December 31st 2005

After whole year of preparations and discussions on December 27th 2004 we managed to organize a very noticeable exhibition about Theodor Herzl in Zemun Gymnasium festive hall. For this purpose we translated into Serbian and published an exhibition guide as well as a separate text that was presented on a exhibition panel showing Zemun roots of Herzl family.

The exhibition was officially opened by Mr. Sava Jerkovic, director of Zemun Gymnasium. Amongst others, our honorable guests were Mr. Aca Singer, president of Federation of Jewish Communities of SCG, Mr. Hadas Witenberg, 2nd Secretary to the Israeli Embassy and Mr. Stojan Delic, deputy mayor of Municipal Community of Zemun. The exhibits were provided by SOHNUT, Budapest and setting was financed by City of Belgrade.

The past year begun successfully with celebration of Tubishvat. Many honorable guests from Zemun and many of our members were present.
The next holiday we organized was Purim. It passed in happily atmosphere and in pleasant socializing. Mr. Robert Gerasi, representative of JDC for SCG, honored us with his visit in spite of many obligations he had on Purim celebration day.

Pesah celebration was noticed by Mr. Ljuba Mladenovic's very interesting lecture about the holiday.

? At beginning of September there was a very successful tribune about anti-Semitism where many significant participant took a role: Mr. Aca Singer, president of Federation of Jewish Communities of SCG, Mr. Filip David, member of Federal Commission for anti-Semitism Monitoring, Mr. A. Mosic, Dr. A. Kerenji and Mr. J. Fisher from Novi Sad, Mr. N. Novkov from Subotica, Mrs. Milica Mihajloviĉ director of Museum and many other dear gusts from Zemun and Belgrade.

October events started with Rosh Hashana festivities - exceptionally joyful and pleasant atmosphere in presence of four presidents of our communities (Belgrade, Pancevo, Kikinda and Zemun). There was no better way to demonstrate our communal spirit.
During October there was a very interesting evening lecture about Jewish authors and actors in American film production. Our guest was a known Serbian film critic Mr. Nenad Dukic.

In October we had great honor to be the first in the world to make a promotion of a new book "Leeches" by Mr. David Albahari. In presence of the author the newest book of our famous writer was presented by Mr. Gojko Bozovic, editor of "Stubovi kulture" publishing house.

Respecting our tradition of literal evenings we organized a poet's evening for the first time. Our guest was Mr. Vojislav Brkovic. His poems were presented by Mr. Rale Damjanovic with a help of Belgrade actress Miss Ivana Nenadovic.

December started with promotion of Darko Fisher's book "Notes from Diaspora".

The past year ended with magnificent celebration of Hanukah.

Our Social Commission activities were in whole successful. It successfully completed distribution of humanitarian aid and also took part in helping flood victims in Banat with assistance of B92 TV Station. At the beginning of December it also organized distribution of gift parcels within Mitzvah days manifestations.

? Our Sculpting Section continued a very productive work in the past year. It resulted with many new creations that are exhibited at our premises or gifted to our dear guests or members.

? During May we published an Internet presentation of our community. The site was quite frequently visited during past year? We initiated an action to collect funds for maintenance of our site and for translation of all the published material into English. Ministry of Religion of Republic of Serbia has supported our initiative to be the main sponsor of our site. We are very honored with this gesture of recognition of our presentation as a bridge between people of different religious affiliations. Telekom Srbije Co. and Novi Dom Co. also helped our site significantly. Thanks to those donations we have published our site in English during October what made us really reachable to the whole world.

? Our activities in building good relations with new local authorities resulted with two of our visits to Meyor of Zemun municipal community, Mrs. Gordana Pop-Lazic and with meeting with director of Business Offices institution, Dr. Petar Zebeljan. The talks were open. We would like to stress that Zemun Mayor expressed her will to support our efforts to collect funds for completition of our chapel, granted by City of Belgrade. Rihard Eberle and Nenad Fogel also paid visit to Mayor's deputy, Mr. Stojan Delic who supports the idea of returning Synagogue to us.